Whether good or bad weather, here in the east resin you do not find a lot of places of interest you should miss. How it would be with cave inspection in turnip land, enjoy the marvelous view of the Joseph's cross or relaxing you to yourselves in the sauna of our place. With pleasure we discuss you and help them.

point attractions distance Link
Neudorf steel spring, Menschentrappe 03 km www
Silberhütte Forest court - experience and exhibit complex to the ecological system wood 05 km www
Harzer Schmalspurbahn the longest coherent small-time road railway network in germany 08 km www
Harzgerode Castle, city hall, church, home room, heated outdoor swimming pool 08 km www
Alexisbad Chapel, engagement urn, peace monument 11 km www
Mägdesprung Mägdetrappe, iron foundry and the old machine factory 12 km www
Auerberg bei Stolberg Joseph's cross - the biggest double sharp of the world (draft Karl - Friedrich Schinkel) 12 km www
Straßberg Show mine Glasebach 13 km www
Wippra Summer toboggan run, Wipperliese (small-time road) 14 km www
Gernrode Pencil church, Harzer cuckoo clock factory, second largest cuckoo clock of the world, the biggest weather house and the biggest skat table of the world (Guinness book of the records) 20 km www
Stolberg Town where Thomas Münzer was born, historical half-timbered style, experience bath 21 km www
Güntersberge Mice trap museum 22 km www
Bad Suderode Calcium sole - medicinal bath 23 km www
Ballenstedt Castle, castle theater, museums, airfield with round flight possibility 23 km www
Burg Falkenstein 12th Century Castle, Birds of Prey Show 25 km www
Heimkehle one of the biggest German two-pronged mattock caves 26 km www
Quedlinburg Historical city center, castle, city hall, pencil church, stand construction, finch stove 28 km www
Thale Roßtrappe, Harz mountain theatre, zoo, witches' dance floor, aerial tramway, summer toboggan run, Koster Wendhusen, Kloster Camping, Mythenweg 30 km www
Sangerhausen Rosarium with more than 7000 different roses 32 km www
Ermsleben Castle ruin Konradsburg 33 km www
Wettelrode Röhringsschacht - show mine Wettelrode (form. Copper mining) 33 km www
Tlilleda Kingsspfalz 36 km www
Rappbodetalsperre the largest reservoir in Germany 38 km www
Kyffhäuser Kyffhäuser monument, television tower, Barbarossa-cave 40 km www
Bad Frankenhausen Panoramic museum - round painting to the Peasants' War 50 km www
Brocken highest mountain in harzmountains (1142 m) 58 km www